Gaming requires a powerful computer with a fast processor and plenty of RAM to run the game smoothly. However, a gaming PC is also prone to malware because gamers often use peer-to-peer connections, which leaves their computers vulnerable to cybercriminals. This is why they require a reliable antivirus that will perform well with little impact on their gameplay.

To help you select the best antivirus program for PC gamers We’ve compared the best-performing software in terms of real-time protection gaming performance, gaming performance and many more. Bitdefender Total Security is our top pick due to its high detection rates, auto gaming mode and memory-freeing CPU performance. It’s also easy to use, and it’s one of the least expensive options on our list.

Another great option is McAfee Gamer Security, which comes with a robust Game Booster and offers top-tier protection that is completely unaffected during games. It’s pricey, and its protection isn’t quite as high as Kaspersky or BullGuard however it’s an excellent choice for gamers.

Panda is a powerful behavioral scanner as well as a malware quarantine option, but it’s a bit slow in its processing speed. It does provide a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee and comes with additional features such as a password management system VPN, parental controls. It’s also smaller than other antivirus programs and all scanning happens in the cloud.